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Michael Power is a Best Selling Author, Speaker and the Host of the Crushing Your Fear Podcast. He is also an Entrepreneur who has started multiple revenue generating companies both in the US and Europe. He has learned to conquer Fear through leaving the past behind, learning from it and adopting Gratitude and a Positive outlook for the future.

On his Crushing Your Fear Podcast, Michael explains "We live in a Society of Fear. Everywhere we turn, fear is there. Most people we know are affected by fear in one form or another. We ourselves are consumed by fear - we can’t move forward - we won’t take chances – we ’fear' what others may ‘think’ of us - and on and on and on.


Enough! There is another way. We explore different areas in society, flush out the manipulation and empower you to overcome fear. Our guests are experts and give you the insight and tools needed to identify and conquer fear. So join us and Crush Your Fear!"

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